stonehill overview


STONE HILL specialises in Tailor Made Canvas Seat Covers. The company has created a range of superior quality, hand crafted Canvas Seat Covers for motor vehicles at extremely competitive prices. Stone Hill supplies Canvas Seat Covers  directly to Dealerships and Fitment Centres, as well as to the general public. We manufacture Canvas Seat Covers for most of the Toyota models including Fortuner, Prado, Landcruiser (76, 78 and 79 series), Hilux, FJ Cruiser, Avanza, Innova and Quantam.

We also export Canvas Seat Covers to the neighbouring countries including Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique.

I am also a proud Toyota patriot and Fortuner owner and this is exactly how and why the business got started five years ago - a need for top quality, affordable Canvas Seat Covers for my vehicle.

Our business continues to grow rapidly and currently employs 7 full time staff members.

STONE HILL prides itself on the quality of its craftsmanship and manufacturing of Canvas Seat Covers. Each cover is tailor made to fit the specific vehicle. To ensure a quality product that keeps its smooth feel, the covers are fitted so snugly that they look like the seat itself.

Wear and tear on Canvas Seat Covers  (caused by sliding in and out of the vehicle) mostly occur on the edge of the seat or where seat covers have piping. STONE HILL Canvas Seat Covers have a special feature, genuine leather chaps, to prevent premature wear and tear to seat covers, as these areas are particularly vulnerable.

STONE HILL Canvas Seat Covers are made from 100% natural cotton or acrylic canvas in a choice of four suitable colours. The heavy weight cotton covers are recommended for their durability, cool comfort and their breathable quality. Breathability means that the covers will not cause sweating and will remain fresh and odour free. The material is long lasting and treated to prevent stains, water and oil marks and keep dust at bay.

Clients can choose a colour of their Canvas Seat Covers  that is an exact match or the most suited for the interior of their vehicles. The Canvas  seat covers are 100% washable.

The Canvas seat covers have an unconditional fabric and manufacturing guarantee.

All our Canvas seat covers are airbag compliant/compatible where necessary. The covers are designed with a special flap to make provision for the airbags to open on the side of the seat on impact.

STONE HILL offers these superior Canvas Seat Covers  quality products at very competitive prices.


eco friendly cotton canvas seat covers


Our Canvas Seat Covers are made of 100% natural woven cotton canvas. The 530 gram canvas is thick, durable and fully washable.

The canvas seat cover  is Teflon coated/ ‘scotch guarded’ – which renders the material water, dust and UV resistant – allows for easy cleaning.

The 100% natural cotton is cool in the summer, and warm in the winter, therefore there is no risk for sweating.

unique features of our cotton canvas seat covers


  • Tailor made with exquisite finishes to ensure a perfect fit!
  • Genuine leather chaps to prevent wear and tear on side seams.
  • A practical utility bag behind the knees for storing cell phones, wallets, travel  documents etc. and for easy access of such items.
  • Spacious storage pockets behind front seats.

airbag compliant cotton canvas seat covers


All our seat covers are airbag compliant / compatible where necessary.

The covers are designed with a special flap on the side of the seat, which does not hinder the function of the airbag.

The ultra snug fit of the covers guarantees that the seams do not shift out of place.